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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  June 28, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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3 a young mother.. and her p-yearrold daughter... found dead in a towson hooel room... -3 3 (2:48)its scary to kow someehing like thaa and iwas closee.. closs...the possible motives behind their murders... - 3 aarally for phyylicia bbrnes... six months after he teen disappeared... and still nn justice... a ffightennng fall... what caused this een to plummet 3 reason he could havv faaed 3 3 ---adlib weatherr-- 3 ann zombies 3 invade aa orning commutee.. the uuuuual warning... hese driverssgot n their way to 3 3 gooo evening, i'' ,,3 jenniferrgilbert...
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jeff barnd 3 25-year--lldwoman and her 4- & dead insidd a hotee in towssn..... towson.....karen parks is live 3&pday later.... there'ss.still &p3- 3 pooice were called to this hotel roommbehind me here att the wellome inn in towson arrund 4:15 yesterday.......aater they received a caal from someone concerned bout the victims -3 welllbeing...... we have was a witness in an upcoming trial.... trial.... 3 3 3&p3 3 3 3 & 3 3- when olice got here......they found 25 yeer - old alicia avery and hhr four year old daughter ddriel parker inside deadd.... no word on how onggthe twoohaa been there....police will not descibe the injuries but ssy tte deaths are puspicious......anddthey aae investigaainn them as omicidds &p (7:11)this is an act of 3 twins and a four year old &pdaughter......2:48))ts caryy to know something like that
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and i was close... 3 3again.....there are no suspects in this case......and --3 policc are still aitiin on auttpsy results.... 3 3 breeking news... 3 hhmicide detectives are on the northeast baltimoree & happeeed abbut 3 o'clock thii afternoon... at prdman and rrvenwood avenues. & policc say a deliverr ttuck drivvr was shot during a robbery...he was taken to the hospital.. with life &&pthreatening injuries. - p3 "the victim was in the prcess -3 of makknn a delivery when he - suspect. 3 "hunnrrds of peoppe inssde the shopping enter in broaa dayllght takiig a life for nothing." nothing." once aggin o offical word on 3 his injuries aar believed tt be life threanttning. -3 3 new informmtton... in the -3 accidental shhoting that left
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a 15-year-ood boy dead.police - ffund áá2á guns inside tte cherry hill home... where michael bbooks was kklled -3 sattrday... while playyng withh a 11-year-old boo 3 discharged... hhtting michaell in the head.police say the &&pownnr of the guns is riccard moore... a reeired correccions kepp the guns locked and unloaded in aabedroom... baltimore counny police are -3 asking for help.. in the search for a missing 22-year-old woman. woman. 3 ssojin yeh... was last seee jjne 6th... at theeold court - metroostation in piiesvvile. she's known to frequent the ccarlessvillage area... and she may be wearing a red t- & hirt and shorts.anyone with informaaion should call police. p3 six months ago today, phyllcii barnes vanished while vviiting relatiies in baltimore. 3 found her killer. jeff abell is llveeat -3 baltimore city hall tonightt where her relatives will soon be gaahering, jeff.... 3 ii about an hour, friends aad
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thousands of 3 dolllrs worthhoo stolen 3 long guns has turned up inside a manns home in southern anne arunnel couuty. ccunty. pooice dessribe the look at the stash of tools detectivee recovered frommthe home of 45 year oll ronald hall. as far as detectives -3 pan gather ....hall was acceptiin the stolen items in p3-3 10;25:38 it is certaiily concerning to us anytime you
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have ttis amount oo weapons recovered weee ealing with 44 rrfles in thii particcuar case getting into the hands oo crrminals and ttat'' why it 3 po follow up on this - information :49 3 -3 3 policeesayymany of the scratched offf still, police questionn regarding the mooe thaa 200 iteemsthey've recoveree. 3 n assistant principaa at aa & baltimore city sccool has & been arreeted on charges of &pfelony theet. thhft. john rydell isslive outside antioch diiloma plus high school with a story you are seeing first on ox. demolitiin begins
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3 in east the mayor continues a program to eelminate light. - 3 3 --- demmlition--- demolitton---mayyr steehanne rawliigs-blakeetook the wheel phis morniig... helping tear's part of her sixx point plln ... called "vacants to value"... which rrevmps city neiihborhoods... by homes. 3 srb: the vacant buildings in the property value and certainlydrags ddwn the spiiitt &pof a people who want to know that they ccn have the best for their neighborhoods. neighborhoods. 3 the vacants to value plan alss
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immoses a 000dollarrfine to absentee landowners... and offers iicentives to - pomeeuyersswho renovate vvcant 3 how are the roads looking tonight? & tonight?lauree cookkhas our report... . 3 nine singers...aree 3 competing for a monsterr opportunity. 3 --- singing rockktssreedglare,
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pthe bombs bursting in air--- air---it's the star spangled sing fff.. he connestanns are battling for a chance to 3 during onster jam... next ponth attm&t bbnk stadium. p friends and ffmily 3 auditioned live this morning....eforr pnel of judges.the ravens officiil anttee sinner... ishael miller...will help select the &&pwinner... - 3 "some of it blew me away, and it makes the deeiiion hhrd. & hard.amongst the judges, we're &ptorn between who should be thee number one." &pone.""- the winner will be announced news... 3 you can see the uncutt version of today's audtions... by going ttofox baltimooe raw news link. 3 phat do lady gaga and the u-s governmentthave in common? tte
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coming u... 3 & 3 a frightening fall.. caught on camera... the reasonnthis & teen... could have bbee charged witt a criie.. -3 33 zombies.. mix up the morning commute... the odd sight... these drivers encountered.. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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3 today, phylicia barnes -3 vanissed whileevisitingg relatives in baltimore. authorities have since foond her body but they haven't - found her kiiler. 3 weereutrn to jeff abbll.. live at baltimore city haal .. be gathering, jeff.... 3 33 in about an hour, friends and relatiies of phylicia barnes to remember the teenager and renew theirrcall for justicc. 3 3 it wws six--onths gootoddy, that the north carooinn honors -3 stuuent disappeered whill visiiing relatives here in baltimore. four months later, her body turnedd p in -3 the susquehanna river some -3 60-miies away.... her deeth wws ruled a homicide but er killer has not been found. shortly afttr the disccvery, her father, russell barnee
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travelled to the river in search of answers... 3&p (russell bbrnes) "to put the pieccs........ thhs, no one..." 3 3 relatiiess re hopinggthii vigil tonight will remind othhrs that therees still no arrrst and noojustice for phyllicc barnes. livv at & city hall, jefffabell, fox 45, &pnees at 5:p30. 5:p30. 3 3 baltimore's proposed "redd line" is now on track... fter getting a green lighttfrom the -3 feds.but fuuding foo the new light rail issstill uncertain. and as elinda roodee pxplains... ssme esidents are - still rallling against it. 3 3 the 14-mile light rril... would run east to west... from
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bayview to wwodlawn. and most & f it would be undergrrundd.. exccpt for two sectiins... -3 one, right in the heart f canton. 3 and some residents here fear it'll cause traafic problems... like bottleneccing 3 design concern ttey want to seeechanged... long before ccnstruction.... which isn't scheduled to beggn for another &pfew years.trrnsportation planners juut got preeiminary &papprovvl from the federal pransit addinissraaion. ... which ppts hhm in line for federal funds. but there'ssno guarantee at theethis stage. 3 &3 07:51:55 "we reallyyare counting on those federal &pfunds. if we an't get a funds, e're just nnt going to be able to afffrd o do the project."07:34:511"the community here has been pretty - adamant that they are opposed to the red linn as currently configured doww bosson street." &p3 3 opponents say they''l keep ffghting the red llne nnii -3 phe plaas are ammnded.the entireeproject will cost more -than tto bbllion dollars.... withhthe state and feds sharing the bill... 5 percent. -3 if all gges as plannedmelinda & roederr foo 45 nees at :30..- that
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rings us to ourrquestioo of theeday....dd yyu think the red line issa good idea for -3 baltiiore? -& 3 go to fox-baltimore dot com and ell us what you think. you can also sound off throogh & facebook. send us a tweee.. at foxbaltimore. and yyu can text your answee to 452033 3 aa ten. p3 p3 a frightening fall ... caught pn camera.... at rail station in massachusetts. massachusetts.ttae look t ttis... shaaeeo'mmaley was - fooliig arrund on the escalator ... when he lost his balancee.. dropping 20 feet to tte ccncrete below.his onll injuur.. was a broken elbbw.thh transportatton 3 pharres .. even thougg shaan - was publicly intoxicateddthee recent high school graauate is homm from the hospital ... and says he's going to college in the fall... where he'll studyy
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nursing. 3 wwat would you o if yoo saw -3 ááhiss traffii sign as you drrve to wwrk this morning?in pewfoundland, commuters were 3 programmed the electric - highway sign to alert driverss of a zombieeinvasion.the signn did ive drivvrs some dvice oo how to handle a one.... & learned of the prank... they turneddit off and took it away. p 33 3 the u-s statee depaatment... was apparently peeformance... ii itaay. pillary clinton annouucedd & monday... that he stttee department waa instrumental in "sealing the deall for lady - rally in rome..linton pointed to a letter haa david thorne... the u.s. ambassador to italyy.. sent to lady gaga urging her to participate in the event. 3 3 pnnw as many of you knowwlady ggggais taliinnamerican and a
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rights. aad the organizees of the euro pide event deeperately wanted her to perform and a letter to her from ammassador thorne was 3 ddaa." 3 the stateedepartment did not &pany mmney waa pent getting gaaa on ssage. 3&pkeee oor government accountable by joining our 3 see ggvernment waste call our 3 to ffx-ballimore dot com and cllckon waste wwtch..- 3 --adblib weather tz--
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standarrs for cribs... go into effectttoday. the rop-side crib... a model that's allegedly led to at least 32 infant deaths. new 3 mmnnfacturr or sell a drop-side crib... evennat a second-hand store or yard -33 sale. they also require ccib mattresses be more urable... and that more safety testing be done... befooe new models hit the market. 3 major reakthrough ... in diabetes studd... done by newcastle university in be a 600-calorie a day diet. phat's how much diabetes
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3 eet... for two months.their diet innluded non-starchy vegetables and a diet aaways... more research ii neededd p3 -- toss o emily--- 33 3 3 3 3 &p3 matt wiettrs got
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3 anneerll start at the ballpark todaa...his message to steer kids ttwards a healthy lifestyll ... next in sports... 3 -3
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3 the oriolls get back to business tonight...opening up a three game series with the st louis cardinaas, who will &pbe making their ffrst eeer appeaaance attcamden yards... 3 but they'll do it wiihout &ptheir resident superstar...
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albert ujols is currently on &pthe disabled list with a fractured left forearm, and will probably miss the next -3 3-5's only the 3rd the 31 year old pujols..hh's pne of five starters, innluding all sttr pitcher adam wainwright, who are ut of the lineup.... 3 earlier today, theeorrole catcher was doiig hii part to 3 good shape...matt wieters took part innthe promoting a lifetiume of activitt ffr youth or play...a organization run by major league trainers, innluding the ooiolls' richie -3 bancells and brian hhlps kids make smart ccoices about exerrizeeand a healthy 3 the attention 3 "yoo got video games, you got drugs, you've got all kinns f things that come into kids lives that, that weren't as potent ack when i grew up. it's something to where you can juss get out and sort of show them the ways that wwen 3 it that allowed youutt get where you are today. i think giving kidssgoals and ssmeehing to work towaads will peep them oo a straight path. 33 o's and cards
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highlights... the u-s womee play theer first game in thee world ccp... and you'll see onn of the greatest first pptches ever... that's all -3 coming up tonight at 10050 onn -sports unlimitedd.. back to you... 3&p--toss to emily-- emily-- 3 -3 p3 they're tth fastest mammals on earth... and now you can see what t's like to run aa a cheetah. 3 phe an ieeg zoo has aa ew featurr in its safari park ... a caaeeaastrapped to a pheetah's back.once thee -3 harness is attached.. the cheetah takes off on a hundredd pile ash... accelerating from
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zerr to ixty in 3.44seconds. waiting t the finish line... & s a bowl of meat. it's all phanks to ne of the local ttv stations... which asked if & they could do ii.... the expeeiment was so mucc fun.. it'ssnow n attraction called the cheetah run. -3 3- p3 that's all for 3 fox45 news at 5:30."king of queens" is nexx.and we'll be back tonighttfor fox45 news at -3 ten -- ann the late eeition at 11... 11...see you later. laaer.


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